Everyone has a story and it might be that your relative never spoke about their experiences but as we commemorate the centenary of the first World War there is a desire to better understand what those service men and women went through. Drawing on our research experience, family records and the memory of those old enough to have known them we can paint a picture of where they served.

Step 1

We collect material from sources such as the Australian National Archives, the Australian War Memorial and review Unit histories and family documents such as letters, postcards and photographs which are often lying forgotten in bottom drawers.

Step 2

The material is collated, analysed and sorted into chronological order. As the research unfolds you have the opportunity to contribute and review the drafts.

Step 3

When the report is finished it is printed in colour & bound along with any supporting documents such as your relatives military personnel file. If you have their medals we can arrange for them to be re-mounted or we can source replica medals. We can also arrange production of an Honour Board.

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Discover the personal war story of your loved one, written for you and presented in a beautiful typed & bound report – an heirloom your family will treasure now and for generations to come.


The report is structured in a manner that it allows you to follow your relative as they progressed through:
  • enlistment & training
  • deployment to their Area of Operations
  • return home for discharge
  • what they did post war.

Discover the personal war story of your loved one today.

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